One Repair

Committed to fighting resource waste and pollution.

Who are we?

A One Repair iniciou atividade com o principal foco na reparação e recondicionamento de smartphones, hoje e depois de alguns anos de experiência podemos dizer que somos uma empresa com um vasto conhecimento a nível técnico.

Assim, com o objetivo de trazer até ti a melhor tecnologia a um preço mais acessível, dispomos de um programa de compra e venda de equipamentos usados.

Acreditamos que ao conseguirmos dar a estes equipamentos uma 2ª vida estamos a combatermos o desperdício eletrónico e ao adquirires um telefone usado estarás a incentivar a economia circular.

Our mission

Our goal is to bring the best technology to the Portuguese, in a sustainable way, without having to pay exorbitant amounts. 

We want to break the stigma associated with buying refurbished devices, with prices up to 70% lower, and without contributing to the worsening pollution caused by the manufacture of mobile phones.


We have entered into a partnership with Correios de Portugal to deliver refurbished mobile phones to all Portuguese people. 

We are aware that refurbished mobile phones represent a new market, unknown to many people.

The objective of the partnership is to use the more than 600 physical CTT branches to expose the refurbished devices so that the Portuguese can prove their reliability, taking advantage of the moment to promote the circular and green economy of technology reconditioning.

All mobile phones sold by One Repair have a 24-month warranty, without any additional costs.

If you have problems with your smartphone, click on the button below to send us an email describing the problem.

It may take up to 10 business days to repair your device. Let's try to be as brief as possible!

Join us!

Our team is always growing!

We are constantly analyzing applications and our goal is to find candidates who share our vision, so that together we can discover new heights.